Gender and Disability Politics

Project By Isabella Sri


The Project

Exploring the intersection of disability aesthetics and gender roles in Chinese literature and Western music, this project aims to make the connection between the impact that these two underrepresented groups have on important pieces of media and culture in different parts of the world. By analyzing the presence that these groups hold in media, it reveals more about their social-political origins, and ultimately provides a broader perspective to both disability and gender roles as we understand them today.

The Author

I created this project during my freshman year as a part of the Engaging Humanities Fellowship. I decided to analyze the intersection of disability and gender roles specifically because I have always been very interested and involved in feminist studies, and adding the lens of disability provides additional context that is crucial to developing a more holistic approach to feminism.

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Disability, Gender, and the Issue of Representation

Disability and Gender Presented Together in Chinese Literature

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